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Saturday, July 29, 2006

2006-07-28 Friday @ Klättercentret

Last night I went climbing at Klättercenter in Solna. I biked there just as a storm was moving in. When I got safely inside, the rain really began to pour, so it was fortunate timing.

On the upstairs bouldering wall, I did this tricky route involving just four grips. It's necessary to put one's right foot on the same grip as the right hand, and then slowly move up with the right hand. I did it once a few weeks ago when a couple of cute girls were looking on. Last night I wanted to see if that had been merely a fluke caused by the presence of an audience, or if I could actually do it again

I was pleased to find that I could actually do it again. In fact, I did it twice. Yay!

This route is not as technically challening, but it does involve a nice overhang.

It was a fun an exhausting evening, and I got some experience using the interval shooting function on my camera too! :)